The 13th Kanna Club in October

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The 13th Kanna Club in October
Do you like sushi? Do you like to meet new people, play games and have fun? Well, come to Kanna Club! This monthly event is a fun and exciting way to network and meet new people. JASM is inviting everyone, members and non-members, to take part in the October Kanna Club on Tuesday, October 16th! This time, the group will meet at Saji-Ya in St. Paul. Saji-Ya specializes in traditional Japanese dishes including Sushi, Bento, and Teppanyaki but also has more modern interpretations as well.
Participants will have multiple opportunities during the event to receive stamps on their Kanna Club card. Those who fill up their card will receive a special prize! This event is open to everyone interested in Japan and in making new friends with a Japan connection. Please join us and have some fun! Appetizers will be provided.


Space is limited, so register today! RSVP deadline is 10/14



Date:  Tuesday, October 16
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, event from 6:00-8:00pm
Place: Saji-Ya
             695 Grand Avenue
             St. Paul, MN 55105
             T: (651) 292-0444
Parking: Parking is free for Saji-Ya customers. The parking lot is conveniently located in front of the restaurant.
Admission: $10 for members/$12 for non-members

The secret question for bonus points on your Kanna Club card is…
“What were the three official capitols of Japan in the past? The order counts!”

Registration and Payment 

Be sure to fill out the registration form regardless of your payment. If you pay by paypal, fill out the form then proceed to pay through paypal. Please register as soon as possible. Advanced payment is appreciated.

1. Registration form
Register here

2. Paypal
For people paying by paypal, please press the paypal button below and fill out appropriately.


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