The 11th Kanna Club in August

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The 11th Kanna Club in August



Save the date! The next Kanna Club will be held on August 21st! This time Kanna Club will be held at Kikugawa at Riverplace. Please come and be a part of this fun and exciting way to network and meet new people. We would like to remind everyone that there is a stamp card rewards program for returning participants. Participants will receive a stamp for coming to the event, and can win more stamps through the participation of the evening’s activities. Upon completing their stamp card, members can claim a special prize! So join us and get your network on! It would be greatly appreciated if you register ahead of time by following the instructions at the bottom. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Space is limited, so register today!


Date: August 21st
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, event from 6:00-8:00pm
Place: 菊川、リバープレイス
43 Main Street SE Minneapolis MN 55414
料金: $10 for members/$12 for non-members

The secret question for bonus points on your Kanna Club card is…
“Name the top three J-Pop songs as of August 21st.”


Registration and Payment

Be sure to fill out the registration form regardless of your payment. If you pay by paypal, fill out the form then proceed to pay through paypal. Please register as soon as possible. Advanced payment is appreciated.

1. Registration form
Register こちらからお願いいたします。

2. Paypal
For people paying by paypal, please press the paypal button below and fill out appropriately.


Find out more information at:
JASM Website:

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