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Work 126 Coffman Memorial Union 300 Washington Ave SE Minneapolis MN 55455 Work Phone: 612-516-1689 Website:

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Oriental Music Club (OMC) is a student organization aimed at promoting an understanding and appreciation of East Asian culture via its music. It will serve as a bridge between East Asian culture and Western culture, so that people in the university community who are interested in East Asian music can gain access to the exciting live music without having to travel too far. We will not only perform modern pop songs, but also classical pieces passed down from ancient times. People will also have a chance to see, listen to, and learn about East Asian musical instruments such as Guzheng and Guqin (zithers), Pipa (lute), Erhu (Chinese fiddle), Dizi (Chinese transverse flute), and Xiao (end-blown flute).

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